GTA Online celebrating Independence Day with double rewards, and some nice discounts

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GTA Online is celebrating Independence Day with double rewards, discounts on celebratory gear, vehicles, and more.It’s almost time to celebrate the July 4th holiday, and GTA Online is getting in on the festivities by offering a bunch of goodies at a discount, plus double rewards in the Missile Base Series.This week, you can earn special Business Battles Rewards and the usual GTA$ and RP rewards,  including the Statue of Happiness T-Shirt or the Supa Wet Beer Hat.If you are interested in the  Firework Launcher, the Liberator Monster Truck, or holiday-centric clothing and Face Paints, you can take 50% off between now and July 8.You will also earn double rewards in the Missile Base Series this week in modes such as Every Bullet Counts, Juggernaut, Slasher, and more.Feeling lucky? Head to the casino and give the wheel a spin and you might walk away with the Western Sovereign decked out in stars and stripes.As far as regular discounts go this week, Mammoth Avengers and their customizations are 60% off,  Bunkers are on sale, along with other properties, vehicles, and customizations.
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Take 50% off vehicles such as the Mammoth Thruster, HVY APC, Pegassi Oppressor Mk II, Mammoth Tula, and more.  Independence Day specials include 50% off the Liberator monster truck, Sovereign motorcycle, Musket, Vehicle Horns, Tire/Parachute Smoke, and more.You can also save 70% off on all Hangars and Facilities.Finally, GTA Online players who have connected their Twitch Prime account to Social Club can earn the first in a new round of GTA$200,000 bonuses just for playing between now and July 8. You’ll be able to earn up to GTA$1,000,000 in bonus cash between now and July 29.You will also get a rebate on the base property purchase price of Pixel Pete’s Arcade, 70% off the Declasse Mamba roadster, and 80% off the V-65 Molotok jet fighter.

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