A pro Rocket League player was shocked by lightning during her stream

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No capKarma, a pro Rocket League player and the first woman to compete in RLCS, is shaken but ultimately okay after a scary incident last night. While streaming commentary for a match in the 1v1 Salt Mine II tournament (and not playing), she was shocked through her controller after a lightning strike hit her neighbor’s house. Nature can be freaky and terrifying.
Here’s video of the event. There’s no camera footage of it happening, only audio of her reacting. Be warned that Karma’s in obvious distress and some people may find it disturbing:
Shortly afterward, she explained to her Twitch viewers how the Boston-area thunderstorms resulted in an electrical current traveling through her controller and mildly burning her hands. 

She updated everyone again today to say that her hands are fine after icing them all night. The controller, however, is not fine. It’s all melted by the USB connector. Drop an F in chat for her fallen controller, the valiant DualShock 4.
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