Not For Broadcast’s FMV antics are now live on Steam Early Access

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Oh, what a wacky satire you’ve drawn up here, Not For Broadcast. An alternate 80s Britain, stumbling blindly towards political disaster, with media outlets tripping over themselves to keep the public complacent? Careful, you might be getting a little too far-fetched, there. Not For Broadcast is out now in early access, broadcasting live on Steam’s global signal.
Not For Broadcast puts you behind the eyes of a janitor-turned-unwitting producer controlling the dials of a national British broadcaster in the 80s. You’ve got to keep your eyes on live broadcasts, played out in delightfully hammy full-motion video clips. In a totally unrelatable scenario, you’ll be altering the output of a national broadcaster, making sure the country only sees what the top brass considers appropriate.

Shockingly unrealistic. Completely unimaginable. Who could ever, etc.
Fellow freelance newsie Lauren Morton, who brought Not For Broadcast to our attention earlier this month, had a bash at PAX West a while back. What she described sounded hectic – a wild escalation of manning the boards, flicking the dials and censoring words that’d make your gran blush.
Developer NotGames reckon it’ll be in early access for about 18 months. While today’s release features 3 scenarios, the devs hope to have 10 distinct levels by the time they’re done with it. NotGames plan on plenty of back and forth with the community, and anticipate going back for reshoots as they work out what is and isn’t working with their FMV skits.
Not For Broadcast is available now on Steam, with a 10% launch discount, for £10.25/€11.24/$13.49.

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