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Nintendo Switch exclusive Tetris 99 has an update ready to hard drop – and it contains a new team battle mode.This four-team mode is about being the last side standing. Choose a colour before the match begins and then work together to pick off rival squads. If anyone on your team wins, you win!The game’s 10th in-game event goes live tomorrow and makes use of the new mode. The top 999 players will win 999 Gold Points to spend on the Switch eShop.
#Tetris99 adds Team Battle Mode with the Ver 2.1.0 update, available now! Choose one of 4 teams & compete to be the last squad standing! Also in this update are new button config options, user emblems, & an option to redeem 4 themes from past MAXIMUS CUP events. @Tetris_Official pic.twitter.com/azNifSZS44— Nintendo Versus (@NintendoVS) December 11, 2019

Another new feature in the update is the option to spend tickets on unlocking past event themes (such as for Splatoon, Fire Emblem and Game Boy Tetris) which you may have previously missed.Tetris 99 comes free if you subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online, the console’s online multiplayer service. It’s really very good indeed.

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