Pokémon Go December events bring Virizion to raids, introduce new ice-types to the game

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Pokémon Go is hosting several events throughout December to wrap up the year, including Virizion finally joining raids and a special Stantler spawning with sleigh bells.
The Team Rocket research, Looming in the Shadows, seems to have a sequel, too: A Challenging Development. Completing this will unlock Shadow Zapdos for players.
Virizion, the grass- and fighting-type member of the Swords of Justice will join Pokémon Go in tier five raids starting on Dec. 17. It’ll stay there until Jan. 7. Lugia and Ho-oh will also appear in raids for a special weekend from Dec. 20 until Dec. 23.
Outside of the upcoming Community Weekend, the best event this month is the holiday-themed one starting on Dec. 24. Ice-type Pokémon will spawn in abundance, as well as Pikachu, Raichu, and Pichu wearing beanies. Stantler will also spawn wearing bells. There’s no images of these Pokémon just yet, but they’re probably going to be adorable.
Cubchoo, the ice-type bear Pokémon with snot dripping from its nose, and Cryogonal, the ice shard-like Pokémon will also make their first appearances in the game during this event. Lucky players will also be able to find a Shiny Stantler (wearing bells, of course) or a Shiny Snover.

Image: Niantic via Polygon

During the holiday event, players will be able to open 40 gifts a day, carry 20 gifts at once, and every player will get a single-use Incubator from a Poké Stop each day. Throughout the event, there will also be other sweet boosts:
Dec. 24-25: Doubled catch and transfer Candy
Dec. 26-27: Doubled catch Stardust
Dec. 28-29: Doubled catch XP
Dec. 30-Jan. 1: Halved egg hatch distance
On Dec. 28, players will be able to get a Glaceon with Last Resort by evolving their Eevees near a Glacial Lure. Regice will also return to raids for this day only.

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