Full-size Commodore 64 revival launching soon, makers say

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The Commodore 64 got a throwback, mini-sized tribute last year, now the workhorse of 1980s PC gaming is getting a full-size model — which means it has a working keyboard and function keys. They were just for looks on the smaller version that launched last fall.
Other features and enhancements on the full-size THEC64 (as the unit is called) include audio scaling, to keep the sound playing as close to possible as it originally did when THEC64’s program are running at a different refresh rate than expected. The full-size C64 will also display all of the PC’s video output in a full-height 720p image on whatever monitor the player is using.

The full-size C64 has been available for pre-order in Europe via Indiegogo and will be shipping there soon. No word yet on when this version comes to North America. The mini C64 launched in the U.S. and Canada last October and is currently available on Amazon for $32, for those just interested in the games.
The C64 has two modes, the 40-column C64 front end and the 22-column phat-text VIC-20 emulator. Owners will be able to load their own programs, with multi-disk compatibility. Much more is available through THEC64’s web page.

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