Battlefield 5 is getting custom servers next week, though not without a few missing features

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By Sherif Saed,
Friday, 6 December 2019 15:21 GMT

DICE has finally detailed Battlefield 5’s version of custom servers.

Community Games is what DICE is calling private servers in Battlefield 5. Beginning Monday, December 9, players will be able to run their own games with desired settings.
There are, however, a number of limitations, missing features, and a few unanswered questions that remain. First, while you’ll be able to earn soldier, weapon and vehicle XP, you won’t be able to progress your Tides of War ranks/chapters while playing on these servers. If you decide to password-protect your server, no one playing there will earn any sort of XP.
Server admins will be able to save different configs dictating the number of rounds, maps and so on and switch between them. By the same token, players will be able to edit filters in the game’s server browser to find games running specific maps/modes and settings.
At launch, you’ll be able to start 16, 32 and 64-player servers with your choice of map and mode, even including out-of-rotation modes. You’ll also be able to kick and ban, though only within the same session. That’s about what you can do at launch.
So far, there doesn’t appear to be any cost associated with running these servers. Everything will run on EA’s backend, so servers will be offline when not enough players are on.

A number of other features are in development, with DICE promising an update on these sometime in 2020. Here’s what could arrive in 2020:
Set custom name for the server
Set description for the server
Control what classes are available
Control what weapons are allowed
Control if vehicles are allowed
Control if the kill cam will be displayed
Turn friendly fire on or off
Turn regenerative health on or off
Change soldier tags as visible or not
Enable or disable third-person camera view
Enable squad leader spawn only
Enable or disable aim assist auto rotation
Enable or disable aim assist cooldown
Control bullet damage scaling
Control game mode ticket scaling
Control soldier and vehicle respawn timers
Turn the mini map on or off
Enable or disable the compass
Manage list of moderators
Manage list of VIPs
Apply an authored pre-set config to a Community Game – Vanilla, Infantry only, DICE-authored etc.
Have your name highlighted in chat if you’re the owner of the server
Administer and manage server settings in the main menu or via our Community Games web portal
Have the description of your Community Game presented on the loading screen
Manually switch specific players between teams
Report Community Games in the advanced search screen

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