The Elder Scrolls: Legends has been shut down

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The Elder Scrolls: Legends, Bethesda Softworks’ foray into the card-battler genre, is effectively closed. The game’s community manager told players yesterday on Legends’ official subreddit that development has ended, which cancels the console launch that Bethesda announced for Legends at E3 2018.
Bethesda’s Christian Van Hoose characterized the decision as a mothballing of sorts, with “any new development or release [put] on hold” indefinitely. That also means the card set promised in The Elder Scrolls: Legends’ April development roadmap has been canceled, too. Legends’ online and single-player modes are still playable and Bethesda will support online play with monthly rewards and in-game events, Van Hoose said.
Last summer, Bethesda fired original developing studio Dire Wolf Digital and put Sparkypants Studios in charge of the project. At the time, spokesman Pete Hines said Bethesda wasn’t unhappy with Dire Wolf’s performance, but it did consider Legends to have “a lot of untapped potential.” The game was announced in 2015 and, after a public beta period, launched on Windows and Apple PCs in March and May 2017, followed by Android and iOS editions. The Elder Scrolls: Legends’ most recent expansion, “Jaws of Oblivion,” launched in September 2018.
As a make-good to players, everyone will receive “the Tamriel Collection,” an assortment of three-attribute cards and more, for free on their next login to The Elder Scrolls: Legends.

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