This week’s Featured Series in Red Dead Online is Free Aim: Make It Count

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By Stephany Nunneley,
Tuesday, 3 December 2019 20:30 GMT

Make it count this week in Red Dead Online.

This week’s Featured Series is Free Aim: Make It Count. Here, Red Dead Online players will be challenged with taking out opponents with just a bow and arrow or throwing knives in an ever-shrinking game area.
Those looking for some posse action are in luck this week. If you are a leader of a posse you will be handed a free Treasure Map. Not the leader of a posse? Well, start one by taking 50% off the cost of a Persistent Posse and 30% off Race Horses and Horse Tack.
If you are trying to expand your rank, you can enjoy an extra 40% XP for taking part in any Free Roam Event, Free Roam Mission, Bounty Mission, Trader Resupply Mission, A Land of Opportunities Mission, Showdown Mode or Race.
The option to change your appearance will also cost 30% less this week, and gunbelts and weapon metals are 30% off.

Those seeking an extra bit of cash should nab the Gambler’s Choice Collection for Madam Nazar. Doing so will earn you a nice sum of coin. Be on the lookout for the Ace of Swords, Gran Corazon Madeira, and an 1800 Gold Dollar.
New clothing in the catalog this week includes the limited-time Eberhart Coat, Carver Pants, Cardozo Vest and more.
The Covington Hat and several variants of the Patterened Bandana are also available.
Next week on December 13, a new Frontier Pursuit will become available. You will be able to become a Moonshiner and even set up your very own speakeasy. Sounds like fun.

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