Super Mario Maker 2 gets one of its biggest patches yet, which includes Zelda content

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Link is now in the game, tools and allSuper Mario Maker 2 is getting ready to host a massive 2.0 update that brings a ton of new stuff into the mix.
Highlights include a new Spike enemy (that throws snowballs in the winter theme!), Pokey (who is customizable), a Frozen Coin, the P Block, a Dash Block (to help create an auto-runner theme) and the granddaddy of them all: the Master Sword. The latter will actually transform your Mario into Link (only in the Super Mario Bros. theme, just like the first game), but it’s not just a skin! Link will sport his working sword, shield, dash, downthrust, arrow and bombs.
Version 2.0 also brings new “Ninji Speedruns” into the mix, which is a new mode that allows you to create courses specifically for the purpose of speedruns. Nintendo will also distribute courses on their own, which grant extra stamps and Mii costumes.
The update will arrive on December 5! After a short lapse I’m ready to dive back in.
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