Rainbow Six Siege already patched out the best feature — not a bug — of Shifting Tides

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This is an appeal to Ubisoft Montreal to patch the “dab dance,” the “derp walk,” Skibidi dance, whatever you wish to call it, back into Rainbow Six Siege when the Operation Shifting Tides expansion launches later this month. Why? Well, this video, see for yourself.

That’s Wamai, a new operator arriving with Shifting Tides. He’s been available on Siege’s public test server since mid-November. The silly dance he does is technically a glitch; when Wamai has a throwable gadget in hand and leans back and forth, it makes him dance like Dieter on Sprockets.
Alas, the dab dance was almost immediately patched out of the PTS version (the patch notes incorrectly call this a “fix.”) Dab dance videos continue to spread over the Rainbow Six subreddit, most with a musical accompaniment, none with a song more apropos than A-Ha’s “Take On Me,” however.
“Please tell me Ubi removing this isn’t true,” bemoaned NCatP_returns.
“No reason to buy [Wamai] now,” replied SellingCookiesHere.
“Ubi, please don’t remove dis. I want it on the live servers,” pleaded WoxiiPlz.
Alas, the damage is done. Operation Shifting Tides is still playable on the test server, however. No word yet on when it launches for the full game, but that should be coming soon.

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