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Jump to:Specific Non-Type Related JobsIn the Galar Region, it’s common for people and Pokemon to work together to the point where you can send Pokemon out on jobs to earn XP.
To access Poke Jobs go to a Poke Center and approach the Rotomi. Then select Check Poke Jobs.
You can send any Pokemon out on a job but you want to send ones with the preferred type for the job. It will be clearly labeled on the job listing. However, sometimes the job is about something other than Pokemon type (see Cute Pokemon for Cute Poke Jobs towards the bottom of the page).
advertisementPoke Jobs Time Table[edit]Poke Jobs are labeled as taking “A little while,” “very short,” “short,” “long,” “very long,” “half day,” and “whole day” but that’s pretty vague. Here’s what those times actually mean.
Poke Job Time
Actual, Real Life Hours
A little while
1 hour
Very short
2 hours
3 hours
4 hours
Very long
8 hours
Half day
12 hours
Whole day
24 hours
How much XP do I get from Poke Jobs?[edit]The amount of XP will fluctuate but generally speaking, the more time your pokemon are working, the more money they make.
The more stars by the Exp. Points section, the more points you’ll get! Higher Exp. Point jobs will open up as you move through the story.
You can also get items from Pokemon jobs! From ingredients to cash to rare items. All the more reason to send Pokemon on jobs.
Once you unlock the Hammerlocke University Seminars that increase your Pokemon’s base HP after getting your 4th Gym Badge. This means Poke Jobs can be used to EV train! For more on EV Training be sure to check out our complete EV training guide.
How to Unlock More Poke Jobs[edit]You can unlock more Pokemon jobs by earning more badges.
Can you pull pokemon from jobs early?[edit]You can but they will not receive any XP or rewards so we recommend you do not pull Pokemon from jobs early.
Cute Pokemon for Cute Poke Jobs[edit]One job asks you to send “cute Pokemon” to attract customers. We haven’t determined all the Pokemon that are considered cute but below are our findings.
Cute PokemonSurprisingly NOT cute Pokemon

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