League of Legends’ newest champion Aphelios could also be its hardest to master, says Riot

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By Emily Gera,
Friday, 29 November 2019 19:51 GMT

Riot Games has revealed its latest playable champ.

Aphelios is the latest champion to be added to the League of Legends roster, and he could be one of the most complex characters to master yet, according to Riot Games. This new assassin character carries five weapons, including a deadly boomerang, a flamethrower, a cannon, something called a Scythe Pistol, and a long-range rifle.
“Most champions can be summarized relatively quickly, but Aphelios isn’t most champions,” says Riot in a breakdown of the new champion’s abilities. “Learning to wield the Weapon of the Faithful demands discipline, focus, and mental acuity, so consider this primer your first test of faith along the path to mastering a champion with one of the highest skill ceilings in the game.”
The rub is that you won’t be able to choose which weapons he’s carrying at any given time. Each of weapon has 50 ammo, and when that runs out, it’s automatically swapped for the next weapon in line that’s not currently equipped, while the empty weapon goes to the end of the line to recharge. But because the swap doesn’t include your offhand item, the order that weapons cycle changes throughout the match.
Check out Aphelios in action in his official Champion Trailer below:

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