No Man’s Sky Synthesis is live this week and brings multiple quality of life updates

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The game’s eighth free updateIt’s crazy to see how much No Man’s Sky has grown. I mean I had fun at launch but it wasn’t nearly as expansive as the initial pitch: now it’s getting pretty close.
Yes, folks, Synthesis is the eighth free update for No Man’s Sky, and it’s live now. It adds a ton of quality of life changes, most notably an overhauled terrain editing system (nice), more starship options (upgrades, salvaging), a custom outfit menu, a better more clear space map, a vastly improved inventory system (drag and drop swap), more base parts, more storage and a just plain better UI. If you’re into VR, riding creatures with a VR viewpoint is pretty rad.
It’s not the sexiest update in terms of content, but it should make everything from those other seven patches that much smoother to navigate. My favorite addition is probably the multiple multi-tool menu swapper: long time coming! It also perfectly encapsulates what was wrong with the game when it arrived, and how Hello Games was so focused on the macro element of the game that they failed to perceive just how many micro bits needed managing.
Synthesis [No Man’s Sky]
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