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Over 80 PS4 deals rounded up for your browsing pleasureAs Thanksgiving dinner ends, so begins Black Friday shopping. A tradition as old as time (or whenever marketers came up with this idea), this time frame appears to be moving earlier and earlier. In fact, from what we can tell most of the Black Friday deals appeared as earlier as Wednesday night.
With Black Friday in full swings, we’re now seeing tons of PlayStation 4 deals appearing (and disappearing just as quickly). As of writing, there are three solid PlayStation 4 Pro deals, with the best being an Adorama deal at Rakuten with stacking 20% off code (BF20) to bring the price all the way down to only $240. Even with shipping, that’s a significant discount for a PS4 Pro. For PS4 Slim 1TB systems, GameStop is still carrying the “Only on PlayStation” Bundle for $199, whereas retailers such as Walmart has already ran out of stock for online purchase.
In the PS Plus department, if stock is still available by the time you read this – you can scoop up 12-month digital code at Rakuten using the same BF20 coupon code to bring the price all the way down to $35.99, otherwise, a $39.99 deal also exist on eBay, and lastly GMG is still offering 12-month subscription code for $42 with a bonus of 5 free PC games (yes PC games).
For games, tons of deals are available. Highlights are of course Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Red Dead Redemption 2, Borderlands 3, and tons more. To make it easier to browse, we’ve group the game deals by pricing. As of writing there are 13 games at the $20 price point, 12 games at the $15 price, and 14 titles for $10. For completion, we’ve also rounded up 10 decent pre-owned deals below. Check back throughout the day as we’ll be adding in more deals we se spot them.
PlayStation 4 Black Friday Hardware Deals
PS4 Pro Deals
PS4 Slim Deals
PS Plus Deals
PS4 VR Deals
PS4 Accessories Deals
PlayStation 4 Black Friday Game Deals
Highlight Games
$20 Games
$15 Games
$10 Games
Used Game Deals
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