Amazon Black Friday board game sale takes half off bestselling titles

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A bunch of popular strategy and party games are up to half off at Amazon today in a Black Friday flash deal. Some of our favorite titles, including 7 Wonders, Pandemic Legacy, Mansions of Madness are discounted, as well as crowd-pleasing party favorites like Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens, and You’ve Got Crabs.
Amazon has separated the games by category, with one landing page for the strategy games and another one for the party games. Also thrown in with the party games are several expansion packs ranging from adorable to irreverent: TeeTurtle’s fan favorite card game, Unstable Unicorns, has both a “Rainbow Apocalypse” expansion and a “NSFW” expansion.
Highlights from the Amazon board game Black Friday sale are below. The deals are only available until the end of Black Friday, at midnight PT.
Ticket to Ride: Europe — $26.99 ($13 off)
Pandemic: Legacy Season 2 — $42.66 ($37 off)
7 Wonders — $24.99 ($25 off)
Mansions of Madness — $51.99 ($47.96 off)
Cards Against Humanity — $17.50 ($7.50 off)
Exploding Kittens — $12.99 ($7.01 off)
Unstable Unicorns — $12.99 ($7.01 off)
Sushi Go Party! — $12.99 ($7 off)
You’ve Got Crabs — $14.49 ($10.50 off)

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