First impressions of The Witcher Netflix series are trickling onto social media

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Critics are taking to Twitter with first impressions of the Netflix show.

While the actual review embargo for The Witcher Netflix series doesn’t lift until December 20, critics who have watched the first five episodes have already taken to social media with some initial – and spoiler-free – impressions.
And so far everyone seems to agree, actor Henry Cavill makes for a surprisingly good Geralt of Rivia.
Reddit user badfortheenvironment has done the hard work for us, compiling a megathread of first impressions from over a dozen television critics. Here’s just a few, and don’t worry, it’s scrubbed of spoilers.

Plowed through the initial screeners for Netflix’s THE WITCHER, and I’ve gotta say: I’m quite liking it! I’ll have more to say about it when the embargo drops, but it’s well-cast, smartly-structured, and nicely paced. Good, solid pulp-fantasy nonsense.
— Asher Elbein (@asher_elbein) November 21, 2019

So… I’ve never really been thirsty for Henry Cavill. I mean, I get he’s handsome but just haven’t.
I’ve seen a screener of the first episode of #TheWitcher and, um, I think I’m pregnant.
— Geek “I have nothing to prove to you.”Girl Diva (@geekgirldiva) November 20, 2019

The fight choreography is insane. First fight Geralt gets into is beautifully savage. The blend of swordplay and Geralt’s signs is perfection#TheWitcher
— Garrick (Key Issues) (@Garrick_KI) November 22, 2019

#TheWitcher’s cast both lead and supporting are beyond exceptional. Amazing cast all around.
— The Nerdy Basement 🦃 (@nerdy_basement) November 25, 2019

I can’t break the embargo, but I will express my thoughts about the screeners through a gif. First off, how dare you make make something so glorious. Second, Henry Cavill chose Roach well, and that’s the hill I die on! 💕🐺⚔️ @LHissrich @Ba66ins @witchernetflix @witchertvsite
— Kelsey Johnston (@thepixelbaron) November 23, 2019

Watching the screeners for @witchernetflix. I’ll admit, as a huge fan of the books, I was a little worried, but @LHissrich has done a masterful job telling this story. It also helps that the cast is amazing! And Henry Cavill, just … wow. #TheWitcher
— Will Franklin (@SeeWillTweet) November 23, 2019

The Witcher Netflix series will air on December 20. Filmed in Hungary, the show stars Henry Cavill stars as Geralt. Anna Shaffer plays Triss Merigold, while Freya Allan and Anya Chalotra portray Ciri and Yennefer, respectively.

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