Resident Evil Characters Come to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as Spirits This Week

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is hosting a Resident Evil themed spirit event this weekend.
Resident Evil characters are coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on November 29 as part of a new spirit event that will run for five days. That means you won’t be able to fight as them unfortunately.
The four characters from Capcom’s survival-horror series that will be available to grab as spirits are: Albert Wesker, Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, and Jill Valentine. Conquer the looming fear! For 5 days starting 11/29, Chris, Leon, Wesker, and Jill will appear on the Spirit Board in Super #SmashBrosUltimate! Check it out!— Nintendo Versus (@NintendoVS) November 27, 2019These Resident Evil spirits will replace the Pokémon spirits that were available in Smash Bros. Ultimate as part of last weekend’s event. You’ll need to beat each character’s challenge to unlock them on the Spirit Board and will have until December 4, 2019 to do it..
Many fans were hoping that Leon Kennedy would be added to Smash Bros. Ultimate as the fifth playable character in the Fighters Pass. His inclusion in this spirit event suggests that he won’t be that fifth character.
The fourth character was Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury, who we found to be “versatile, complex, unique, and most importantly, super fun to play.”

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