Red Dead Redemption 2 Fans Are Making Their Own Undead Nightmare 2

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Modders are working together to bring zombies to Red Dead Redemption 2’s single-player mode.Now that Red Dead Redemption 2 is on PC, modders have started work on bringing features to the game that fans want – including a sequel to the first game’s Undead Nightmare expansion.
YouTuber jedijosh920 recently uploaded footage of a mod that adds zombies to the Red Dead Redemption 2 single-player campaign. The zombies are shown chasing the player and attacking other characters.
The first EVER Undead Nightmare (Mod) gameplay mod from @jedijosh920
— VideoTech_ (@VideoTech_) November 20, 2019
The NPCs even react to the zombies showing up, either screaming and running for their lives, or fighting with them in both melee and ranged combat.
The modders are using a Discord channel to collaborate on this mod that they hope will essentially be Undead Nightmare 2 once it’s finished. The original was a standalone expansion for Red Dead Redemption that saw John Marston fighting zombies and trying to find a cure for his infected family.
Back in September, there was hope among Red Dead Online players that Rockstar was teasing an Undead Nightmare sequel after a few sightings of zombie-like characters inside the game.

As Halloween was coming up, many hoped these apparent teases would at least mean a zombie-themed event was on the way. Instead, the Fear of the Dark event had players hunt down supernatural beings called Night Stalkers over Halloween.
If you want to play this zombie mod when it’s finished then you’ll need Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC – make sure you have a beefy enough machine to run it.
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