Modern Warfare Update Brings Back Fan-Favorite Mode, Infinity Ward Leaves in Patch Note Acknowledging Footstep Noise Issue

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s latest patch has added in an old fan-favorite game mode. Gun Game has returned to Call of Duty, but data miners have also discovered evidence of fan-favorite map remakes that may be on the way, according to US Gamer.
For those unfamiliar, Gun Game pits a group of players against each other in a free-for-all style match, where each player starts with a weaker weapon and must work their way up to stronger weapons by reaching certain kill counts. The first to a certain tier (or whoever has the highest ranking at match-end) wins the game.
Reddit user Senescallo, who previously leaked the supposed existence of a new battle royale mode and map in Modern Warfare, has also managed to procure a (now deleted) image of an unfinished loading screen for Crash, a fan-favorite map from 2007’s Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2. CharlieIntel has also reported on the data mining of a supposed new map dubbed “Cargo,” which appears to possibly be a remake of the “Wet Work” map, which features a design similar to the first story mission in Modern Warfare, “Crew Expendable.” Neither Activision nor Infinity Ward has confirmed the existence of any leaked information, and it’s important to note that just because data is in a game’s files doesn’t necessarily mean it’s part of a developer’s plan.
Beyond that, the 1.09 update makes some notable tweaks. Footstep noise, a very popular issue in the Modern Warfare community, has been reduced, although apparently not as much as Infinity Ward would have liked. CharlieIntel reports that Infinity Ward’s patch notes originally contained what appeared to be an internal note meant just for the development team.
“This is a hot topic in the community, and this is not the change that they were hoping to see,” the note reads, according to CharlieIntel. “Our core players want to see footstep volume dramatically reduced.“
Footstep noise has been a significant issue for the Modern Warfare player community since the game’s release in October. Since the game is notably slower-paced and more reliant on camping than previous entries, detecting whether or not its the footsteps of an enemy player or a friendly has led to some frustration for some players, with some community members criticizing the game for punishing players who like to flank.
IGN has reached out to Activision for comment Saturday, but did not immediately receive a reply.Read the full 1.09 update patch notes to see what else Infinity Ward has added and fixed.
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