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Miss me with thatFortnite marksmen may not feel like deadly assassins right now. Those who are armed with high-powered rifles might feel as though they’re shooting nothing more potent than finger guns.
There’s a problem with Fortnite right now where sniper rifles aren’t always registering damage. It’s unclear what causes this issue to pop up because it’s not happening with every sniper shot that lands. A prevalent theory is that snipers won’t affect people who are holding shotguns. Regardless, here’s what it looks like in action:
Epic is currently investigating this, and has identified it as a “top issue” on the Fortnite public roadmap Trello. Given how badly this can disrupt the battle royale cycle, we can probably expect Epic to iron this one out sooner than later. Until then, know that every sniper shot you take is a roll of the dice.
Epic investigating Fortnite issue where sniper shots don’t register damage [Dot Esports]
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