Pokémon Sword and Shield Is Now the Fastest-Selling Switch Game

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Pokémon Sword and Shield has sold over six million units in its first week to become the fastest-selling Nintendo Switch title so far.The Pokémon Company announced today that Pokémon Sword and Shield has sold over six million units globally in its first week. That includes both digital and physical sales since the game’s release date on November 15.As translated by industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, the Pokémon Company noted that this smashes the previous record held by Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which sold five million units in its opening week. With that title now taken, Smash Bros. Ultimate will have to settle with being the best-selling fighting game ever.
BusinessWire also reports that 2 million copies were sold in the first two days in the US, making is the highest-grossing launch in the US for any Pokemon game. That could put it on track to sell 4m copies faster than Pokemon Sun and Moon, which previously set the record for a Nintendo game sales in the United States.
For an additional comparison, the 2013’s Pokémon X and Y sold four million units across the globe in its first week, while last generation’s Pokemon Sun and Moon reportedly sold 7.2m in its first week according to Eurogamer.
Every New Gen 8 Pokemon in Sword and Shield
This new sales record comes despite some players review bombing Pokémon Sword and Shield over the past week. The controversy started after it was revealed at E3 2019 that not all Pokémon would be in the Switch game and has grown to include other complaints since then.
In our Pokémon Sword and Shield review, we said “nitpicks are just not very effective when everything else was such a complete joy to play.”
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