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Last Edited: November 18, 2019 at 12:45 AMJust like previous Pokemon games, Sword and Shield features Pokemon Fossils that can be transformed into bona fide, fully-fledged Pokemon. However, Pokemon Sword and Shield requires you to combine two fossils together. This page covers how to get fossils, how to revive fossils, and how to resurrect each fossil Pokemon with the right fossil combination.
How to Get Fossils[edit]The easiest, most surefire way to get fossils is by visiting an NPC inside the Pokemon Center in Stow-on-Side. In Pokemon Sword, you’ll get a Fossilized Bird and Fossilized Dino. In Pokemon Shield, you’ll get a Fossilized Drake and Fossilized Fish.You can also dig up Fossils from the Digging Duo brothers in the Wild Area. You can find them near the Pokemon Nursery in the Bridge Field zone. It costs 500 Watts per dig, and it’s not guaranteed what you’ll get. Like the NPC, you will get Fossilized Bird and Fossilized Dino fossils in Pokemon Sword, and Fossilized Drake and Fossilized Fish fossils in Pokemon Shield. 
You will need to trade with someone with the opposite version of Pokemon to get a stock of all four fossils so you can create all four Fossil Pokemon. To do this, give a Pokemon a Fossil to hold, and trade it. However, once we we traded for the exclusive fossils, we then found all four varieties with the Digging Duo. We’re unsure if this is why, or if they started rarely appearing after beating the game. How to Revive Fossilized Drake, Dino, Bird, and Fish Fossils[edit]Once you have two different types of fossils, take them to the professor on Route 6.advertisementShe’s nearby the exit leading to Stow-on-Side, beside the tent you can fast-travel to. Here, you’ll be able to choose two fossils to mash together to create a Fossil Pokemon. Follow the chart below to see what you’ll get.
Drake + Fish = Dracovish Drake + Dino = Dracozolt Bird + Fish = Arctovish Bird + Dino = ArctozoltBelow is a chart with images of each result, as well.
Fossilized Fish Fossilized DinoDrake Dracovish – Water / Dragon-type Dracozolt – Electric / Dragon-typeBird Arctovish – Water / Ice-type Arctozolt – Electic / Ice-typeWas this guide helpful?YESNO

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