Xbox One Black Friday 2019: the best deals on consoles, games, Xbox One X, accessories and more

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Now that we’ve entered November we have a much better idea of what Xbox One Black Friday deals we’ll see in 2019.
Yep, the all-consuming sales event is only a couple of weeks away. Even shorter when you consider that the Black Friday sales usually get underway much earlier than the day itself. To ensure you’re prepared for the barrage of bargains, we’ve already started collecting all the Xbox One Black Friday deals we’ve spotted so far. Plus all the info on leaked Black Friday ads we’ve seen, too!
It’s vital reading if you’re hoping to grab a new Xbox One console, the more powerful Xbox One X, or some of the best games to grace Microsoft’s kit this Black Friday. You’ll find all the top offers right here. And, as we move closer to Black Friday, we’ll ensure this page is up to date with all the latest Xbox One Black Friday deals. Bookmark us, smash the F9 button, set up alerts – do whatever’s needed to ensure you get the best deals.
Wait a sec, what’s Black Friday?
If you’ve somehow managed to avoid it throughout your life you’re in for quite the surprise. Black Friday is an annual sales extravaganza that’s been happening in the US for a long time now full of mad rushes for bargains and ridiculous sums of money taken off top tech items. It’s considered the biggest day of the year for retailers as they go all out to attract buyers looking to treat themselves or prepare some early Christmas gifts for cheap.
This year, Black Friday falls on 29th November 2019. However, the sales actually last for about 3 weeks surrounding that date – or even earlier in some cases! That’s why we’ve started to gather up the best Xbox One Black Friday deals now, in case anything especially exciting drops early. You’ll be able to find everything that comes out early or in the days after Black Friday right here.
The best Xbox One Black Friday deals so far

We’re seeing many retailers start to put some early Xbox One Black Friday deals live. Amazon had some healthy reductions across Xbox One consoles and controllers but now Walmart has this excellent Xbox One S bundle with five games for $300. You can also get six months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for the price of three right now, too!
Depending on how desperate you are for an Xbox, though, you might want to wait just another week or two for the Best Buy Xbox Black Friday sales. They are going to give us an Xbox One X 1TB Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Deluxe Edition Bundle for only $349.99. Or, the Xbox One S with one game will be $199.99. Decisions! Decision! And that doesn’t include the first wave of Xbox Black Friday deals announced by Microsoft last week.
Something else surprising could drop on the day but we really don’t expect to see many better Xbox One Black Friday deals compared to that on the horizon. Until then, here’s what we have so far:
In the US:
In the UK:
What Xbox One Black Friday deals are we expecting this year?
Thanks to the Best Buy ad, we now have a much clearer idea of what Xbox One Black Friday deals are on the way in 2019. It’s fantastic news if you’re after a new Xbox One console. The All-Digital Edition will be just $149.99, while an Xbox One S 1TB with NBA 2K20 will be down to $199.99. As for the more powerful console, there’s going to be Xbox One X with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for only $349.99. That bundle will have only been available for two weeks!
We also know that a range of Xbox One controllers will be reduced by $20 for Black Friday thanks to an early Microsoft announcement. Many different colours and styles will be featured, including rare and limited editions.
Xbox game deals will be an interesting one to follow, what with the rise of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate over the last few months. Many Xbox One owners are turning to that subscription service as it offers a healthy library of titles to play – a number of which are brand new releases, too! Microsoft has also already confirmed, though, that Sea of Thieves: Anniversary Edition will be 50% off for Black Friday.

So, could some of the biggest Xbox One games get hefty discounts? Perhaps, though we’d actually expect Microsoft to continue pushing the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service even harder over Black Friday. They’re already offering six months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for the price of three this early, which rivals the already excellent $1/month offer for new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. On Black Friday, you can expect to get an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 month membership for $24.99.
Outside of that, though, we should see some discounts on newly released Xbox One games. Going by the Best Buy list, we can see that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will drop to $40, Borderlands 3 will fall to $28 and Gears 5 will be $25. That’s only naming a few, though, and we expect to see many more Xbox One Black Friday deals!
What about an Xbox One X Black Friday deal?
Confirmed! As mentioned above, you’ll be able to get Xbox One X with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for just $349.99. That’s slightly more than we’d predicted, but not quite all the way down to our dream $300 price point. Still, it’s a terrific deal as Microsoft has been a little shy to discount its more powerful console in the past. With time moving on and the release of Project Scarlett approaching, it makes sense to see a significant Xbox One X Black Friday bargain.

Remember, the super-console sells for around the $500 mark as part of a bundle. A $150 cut is more than reasonable and represents a solid saving on the Xbox One X console. Having already seen an Xbox One X 1TB Gears 5 Limited Edition Bundle for $399.99 from Amazon US we should have expected a slightly better deal. As for anything else? We’ll just have to see what Black Friday delivers in November!
What was that about Project Scarlett coming out soon?
Oh, yes, Microsoft recently confirmed that Project Scarlett will launch in ‘Holiday 2020’ with Halo Infinite. The hype for their next-generation console is slowly building alongside the PS5. A year away may feel like a long way off, but it’ll come around sooner than you think!
With that in mind, you might be hesitant to pick up an Xbox One Black Friday deal. That’s totally understandable. However, the looming release of Project Scarlett could also work in your favour as retailers might look to discount their current stock of Xbox One S and Xbox One X consoles considerably. And that’s where the biggest Xbox One Black Friday deals could reveal themselves!
What Xbox One Black Friday deals did we see last November?
Last year’s Xbox One Black Friday deals were wild, varied and a little underwhelming.

Outside of the $200 Xbox One S consoles there wasn’t much that really grabbed our attention. There were a few big name games that saw price cuts to the tempted $30 mark, so that was nice. We also saw Xbox One controllers get reduced, thankfully bringing them down to a more reasonable price for once!
The Microsoft Store was good for digital game deals, though. As we’ve moved another year into the future and digital sales continue to grow, this could be an area that Microsoft looks to capitalise on for Black Friday 2019.
Altogether, we’re pretty excited to see what Xbox One Black Friday offers are up for grabs in 2019. With the momentum of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate behind them, the release of Project Scarlett coming soon and whatever moves Sony decides to make, it could be a fruitful time for buyers!
To see what the competition is up to, you can also check out our hub pages dedicated to the best PS4 Black Friday deals and best Nintendo Switch Black Friday sales. All will continually be updated over the coming weeks and Black Friday draws ever closer like the ominous retail monstrosity it is.

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