Kakarot is the Asura’s Wrath of Dragon Ball games

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The fact that it has the car episode kills meDragon Ball Z: Kakarot is slated to be the first major release of 2020, and I can’t wait for it. Debuting on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, the Dragon Ball Z simulator will take us through the storyline of the anime and into uncharted territory, at least as far as games go.
It’s getting really granular and really fanservicey here with a driving school sequence, on top of all of the insane action and arcs the series is known for. What I dig most about Kakarot (beyond the inside baseball name that fans are mostly going to resonate with, even) is that it’s not yet another fighter with an incomplete roster, but a full-on RPG developed by CyberConnect2 (after making nearly nothing but Naruto games for years it’s nice to see them back). Please let this be the Asura’s Wrath of Dragon Ball games.
Like all anime games it could end up crashing down in the end, but for now I’m hopeful, and everything I’ve seen so far looks great. That includes this new Paris Games Week trailer, which provides yet another smattering of soapy storylines and action.
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