The 21 Side-Quests That Are Always in RPGs

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Ever rounded up a bunch of sheep or pigs or horses into a pen and thought…this feels familiar? How about when you’re in someone’s house for dinner and something feels a little, I don’t know, “off” about what they’re serving? What about when old Doris the NPC who lives across the street can’t find her beloved frying pan?
Here, we’ve rounded up the quest-types that we see over and over again in RPGs, for better or worse (I’m looking at you, “killing rats and spiders”). Tell us your favorites in the comment section below!
The Monster That’s Terrorizing a Town Turns Out To Be Humans (Bandits and/or Rowdy Kids)
There’s a horrible beast in the woods that’s been stealing chickens and… sweet rolls? Or maybe it’s actually bandits and they are kidnapping kids. Either way, that big bad wolf is actually just some guy named Geoff. Or a kid named Jeff. Either way, you better give them a stern talking to. Maybe sometimes a real monster shows up to teach this lesson for you. Examples include: The Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Horizon: Zero Dawn. – Jon Ryan, Senior Editor
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