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Last Edited: October 25, 2019 at 12:17 AMThere are 4 difficulty options in The Outer Worlds. This portion of the guides explains each of them. You can adjust your difficulty at any point, but if you select the game’s hardest difficulty – supernova – there are some exceptions.
The Outer Worlds Difficulty Options[edit]Story: In story Mode, enemies have less health and do less damage. Use this mode if you enjoy story more than combatNormal: Standard enemy health and damage. This is recommended for your first play session.Hard: Enemies have more health and do more damage. This mode is for extra challenge.Supernova: This the hardest difficulty. It’s recommended for advanced players. It can only be selected at the start of the game. See below for details. If you change your mind midgame you can drop the difficulty down but cannot raise it back to Supernova after that.Story mode is the game’s easiest difficulty and is meant for new players or those who just want to enjoy the story.
Normal difficulty provides a standard experience and is recommended for first play sessions.
Those who are experienced with games of this genre and are looking for more of a challenge may want to select this difficulty. Enemies have more health and do more damage but otherwise, everything is the same.
Supernova[edit]Supernova is the hardest difficulty option in The Outer Worlds.
You can only select this difficulty option at the start of the game.If you reduce the difficulty below supernova you cannot re-enable it.Enemies have more health and deal more damange.You must eat, drink and sleep to survive.Companions can die permanently.Crippled body and limb conditions can only be healed with bed rest.Weapons and armor work very poorly at zero durabilityYou can only fast travel to your ship.You can only sleep inside.Accepting flaws is mandatory.You can only manually save inside your ship and autosaves are limited, compared to the other difficulty options.Was this guide helpful?YESNO

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