Elite’s new ships pushed into 2020, bug squashing now the priority

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Frontier Developers, the team behind the Elite: Dangerous spacefaring game on PC and consoles, now says it will delay the launch of player-owned fleet carriers. The massive ships were promised in a December update, but now will be pushed back to the second quarter of 2020.
“In order to improve your overall experience,” wrote community manager Will Flanagan yesterday on the game’s official forums, “we have decided to refocus our efforts on addressing key issues and bugs. Since the launch of the September Update, we’ve been taking a deeper look at our internal development roadmap, the way in which we utilise public betas, and the content of our next updates. “
The update in question was one of the largest ever for the game, which first launched in 2014. It added a new tutorial, as well as a starting area that blocked off new players from the rest of the community. Elite can be played solo, but defaults to an always-online massively multiplayer mode that is known for its hardcore player-versus-player community as well as griefers. The newbie zone was Frontier’s attempt to onboard new players and beef up the now six-year-old community.

While Frontier has been commercially successful with its theme park-themed games, among them the recent Jurassic World Evolution, content releases for Elite have slowed in the past few years. The next major update for the game, which players will have to purchase like the Horizons expansion from 2015, isn’t expected until late 2020.

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