Star Trek Online: Entering the Mushroom-Powered Network of Space

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The Mycelial Network has been an integral part of the new stories unfolding in “Star Trek: Discovery,” first serving as a gateway to instantaneous travel across vast distances in space. As the crew of U.S.S. Discovery continued their journey, they learned more about the vast network that exists between all of space, its inhabitants, and its connections to the Multiverse. Through the network, they traveled through space, time, and an even into an alternate reality – the Mirror Universe. While there, the crew – led by astromycologist Paul Stamets – learned that damage to the Mycelial Network could have dangerous, even apocalyptic effects throughout the entire Multiverse.

Over 150 years have passed since the fateful voyage of Discovery into the Mycelial Network, and much of what was learned then has been highly classified by Starfleet Command. But when a Klingon matriarch is hurtled through time after using a mycelial weapon of mass destruction, the captains of Star Trek Online must return to the network to deal with the repercussions of her dangerous act.  They’ll need a specialist, someone who knows the workings of the network well. And, through the miracle of holotechnology, they find one, in the form of Lt. Commander Paul Stamets, as played by Anthony Rapp.

In Awakening, the latest update to Star Trek Online, players can team with Paul Stamets and enter the Mycelial Network for the first time. This update – now live on Xbox One – contains the new episode Beneath the Skin, featuring Rapp’s return to the role of Lt. Commander Stamets. It’s a unique take on the character, as Stamets is considered long dead in the timeline of the game. The players will reconstruct him through holotechnology, creating a simulation of Stamets based on Starfleet records and all known data on his life.  But that’s just the beginning of his journey. As we’ve seen in Star Trek, holographic beings can have a life of their own. The Mycelial Network is a wondrous place, and those thought lost can sometimes be restored…
Star Trek Online is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store as a free to play title. Click here for additional product information.

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