How MediEvil Remake Captures The Original’s Intended Vision

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From the beginning, Other Ocean was determined to make the game the original creators always wanted. So, they began by bringing back original creators Chris Sorrell (original creative director) and Jason Wilson (Original lead artist and programmer). They directed and provided feedback on multiple aspects of the game, including art and gameplay, while offering insight into a vision that was previously impossible. “Looking at original source material, like concept art, reveals a richer world than the original PlayStation could handle,” Nachbaur explains. The original, with its polygonal limitations, relied upon the audience’s “imagination to fill in the gap.”

MediEvil always had a dark tone but some of its edgier elements were blunted by weak hardware. With the power of the PS4, Other Ocean “brings dark elements to the forefront,” allowing the macabre humor to shine. This is evident just in the game’s opening. Depicting a town of innocents transforming into murderous husks, the cutscene is a traumatizing event. However, on the PSOne, the towns-folk look like voodoo dolls. There’s certainly a charm, and the art team did wonders for the time, but it does not capture the intensity of what occurs. Fast forward twenty years and the presence of knife-wielding children is not just implied; it’s boldly depicted – capturing shocking horror and ridiculous hilarity simultaneously.  

The MediEvil remake also pays appropriate justice to the original’s classic score, with composers Paul Arnold and Andrew Barnabas returning to oversee the game’s sound design. They re-recorded the original music with a full orchestra and reviewed the entire game once finished to fine tune the sound effects. 

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