Save Big on these Gunnar Optiks Gaming Glasses and Switch Gamecube Controller

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Have you noticed your eyes straining lately when you’re playing your games? Maybe a migraine or two on that 12th Apex Legends game? That harsh blue light coming from your TV or Switch screen is almost definitely responsible. Instead of futzing with your TV settings (and making everything else look worse), try out a pair of Gunnar glasses. These things are basically the big name brand in tinted glasses designed for gaming, getting rid of that blue light and filtering it into more of a soft yellow so your eyes aren’t screaming at you by 10 p.m. Gunnar has some great deals on two pairs right now.

These are a really slick-looking pair, and even better, it comes with a microfiber pouch and cleaning cloth for when things get a little gross on your glasses. They’re also designed to sit comfortably on your ears even when you’re wearing a headset. If you end up hating it, no sweat. There’s a 30-day return policy and one-year warranty.

I’m a fan of aviators, so these make total sense as an option for indoor gaming or just outdoor hangouts.
In other news, I still enjoy playing my Nintendo Switch as it was originally designed, but I’ve got to admit that those tiny buttons sure do make it tougher to play anything even remotely competitive. Thankfully, that’s why we’ve got options for more extreme play. We dug through the catacombs of Amazon to find some solid deals on Nintendo Switch controllers, but some of these are limited-time deals, so get them before they’re gone.

This one’s a limited-time deal, so hurry before Amazon changes its mind. If you play a lot of Smash or other competitive Nintendo titles, the Gamecube controller is historically a smart choice.

The red variant of this controller is a little more expensive, but you can’t deny they both look great.

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