The Weekly Updates Update: It’s all so spooky

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In all the hubbub of the week, you might’ve missed some of the patches and updates rolled out to games. Presenting the Weekly Updates Update, a noncomprehensive roundup of new maps and characters and balance tweaks and fixes and such which caught my eye over the week – including a few we haven’t posted about.
This week’s load includes Fortnite, Blade Runner, Grandia II, Control, and, of course, Halloween events.
Fortnite emerged from a black hole with Chapter 2
Following the end of the world, Fortnite reappeared with a whole new island and a mild overhaul. It now has fishing, which makes it officially an RPG.
ScummVM now supports Blade Runner
If you’ve still got a copy kicking around, hey, congrats – Westwood’s ace adventure game should now be easier and friendlier to run on a modern PC. Or a Nintendo Switch. Or pocket telephone. Or whatever other hardware ScummVM is on these days. Everything?

Dicey Dungeons launched its biggest update yet
Version 1.5 has shaken up those frustrating Elimination Rounds, made the Witch more powerful, and shuffled remix rules in the Bonus Round.
Control added a Photo Mode
But now I want to go back and replay it from the start to take better versions of the squillion screenshots I already took. This update, er, also accidentally jiggled DRM, breaking Steam Controller support and playing offline. Remedy rolled the update back, and have since released a fixed version.

Borderlands 3 Legendary balance rejiggled
Lest everyone end up using Flakker, Crossroads, or a select few other mega-powerful Legendaries, Gearbox have nerfed the strongest and buffed some of the weaker ones. The game’s being more generous with Eridium this week too, as part of the big Borderlands birthday bash.
Grandia II: Anniversary Edition updated to HD Remaster
Alongside the launch of Grandia HD Remaster this week, the vintage JRPG sequel’s recent rerelease became an “HD Remaster” version. If you had Grandia II Anniversary Edition, you now have its HD Remaster. You can choose to play either version, mind.

Anthem is still going
Rocket League’s Halloween event kicked off
Carball is the latest game to cross over with Stranger Things for nostalgic spookings. The Halloween event brings an Upside Down variant of the farm map and spooky cosmetic bits to earn. Most importantly, you can get this avatar frame:

The Apex Legends Halloween event is great
Fight Or Fright sees dead players return as a team of spooky zombies.
The Division 2 launched Episode 2
People who don’t have the season pass will need to wait until Tuesday to play the new missions, but everyone benefited from the accompanying update.

X4: Foundations overhauled its in-game economy
An eternal work-in-progress. The next major update, as well as the accompanying expansion, are delayed to 2020 now.
Tannenberg added a Ukraine map
Explore new trenches

Our Brendan is no longer ours
His last day was Friday. I miss him already.
Disclosure: Dicey Dungeons lead dev Terry Cavanagh is a pal.

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