New BattleTech DLC will feature absolute units of Mechs to control

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Oh lawd they comin’
BattleTech was originally released as a reboot of sorts to the classic tabletop game, which in turn inspired the MechCommander and MechAssault video games. The digital adaptation has been met with both critical and fan appeal and now, as revealed by Paradox, there’s even more units coming to the game and they are absolute…well… units.
The Heavy Metal DLC pack will feature eight new BattleMechs, including seven from the lore of the tabletop universe, as well as one original design. Alongside the new BattleMechs, eight new weapon systems will be included, as well as a new flash-campaign featuring classic characters that old fans of the tabletop edition might recognize.
Heavy Metal will release on November 21 and will run you $19.99. BattleTech is available now for PC, Mac, and Linux.
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