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Every Course Theme in Super Mario Maker 2 has the ability to be altered in unique ways by applying Night Mode. Night Mode can be triggered by placing the Angry Sun enemy in your level. Press the Angry Sun to toggle it into the Moon. The Moon flies down like the sun does, but clears enemies onscreen if it touches Mario (instead of hurting him). In Story Mode, you’ll unlock the ability to enable Night Mode without having to place the Moon in your level. Once unlocked it’ll become available next to the theme selections in the editor (pic below). It seems that Night Mode is unavailable for the Extra Game Styles like Super Mario 3D World. Night Mode can also alter certain things items. 1-Up Mushrooms turn into Rotton Mushrooms! These don’t appear friendly. They’ll chase after Mario, so be careful! Check out what effects Night Mode causes for each theme. Enemies float as if they were underwater water. The level will be flipped upside-down! Darkens screen with only a spotlight around Mario. A sandstorm blows from the right. This causes you to be blown towards the left. Drastically decreases any jumps you make going right. All Terrain is slippery like ice. This causes you to slide and makes it difficult to stop moving. Gravity is greatly reduced. This causes longer/higher jumps and slower falls. Replaces water with poisonous water. Touching it is instant death! Darkens screen with only a spotlight around Mario. We’ll update this as soon as it’s revealed! We’ll update this as soon as it’s revealed!

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