May 14th : New Preview Alpha Skip Ahead Ring 1910 Update (1910.190512-1922)

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Starting at 2:00 p.m. PST today, members of the Xbox One Preview Alpha Skip Ahead Ring will begin receiving the latest 1910 Xbox One system update (19H1_RELEASE_XBOX_DEV_19H2HOLD_191018362.7109.190512-1922).  This build has the same features and fixes as 1905 however we need valuable core recovery coverage and feedback as we skip ahead.
OS version released: 19H1_RELEASE_XBOX_DEV_19H2HOLD_191018362.7109.190512-1922
Available: 2:00PM PDT 5/14/19
Mandatory Date/Time: 3:00 AM PDT 5/15/19
Fixes addressing the audio streams when Atmos is used for Stereo Speakers and Mono-mix mode.
We have fixed the issue that some users are encountering no audio on their Xbox console after boot (no shell audio, no game audio, no app audio).
Resolved an issue in which Windows Sonic (spatial audio for headphones) spatial and non-spatial audio played out of sync. This affected games that create sophisticated compound sound effects that combine spatial and non-spatial audio.
We have fixed the issue in which your ATMOS setting switched back to DD 7.1 after taking an update.
Some users may have been impacted recently by their Dolby Atmos for Home Theater audio setting reverting to another audio setting. We have made a fix recently and are looking to our Insider Audience to verify it.
Fixes to the Controller Icon on home –  “Unknown” battery should will not be shown as “plugged in” icon
Additional fixes to a memory leak to address overall system performance.
Fixes to UI and workflow when Signing in and out for some users.
UI fixes to the Game Pass Quests in the Game pass twist.
Fixes to address Legacy 360 gamerpics in the Settings app showing up too small.
My Games and Apps
We have fixed the issue when launching some games was causing the “Launch error 0x800706ba” and the game would not launch.
We have fixed the issue with video corruption showing in apps such as Youtube and Netflix with 4k playback.
Fixes to complete Kinect setup when it crashed at audio setup.
Additional fixes to a memory leak to address overall system performance.
Fixes to narrator bugs on the Updates Page and Xbox Privacy page.
UI fixes to light and dark themes to make text easier to read.
Localization fixes.
Known Issues:
Headsets are not being assigned to the users profiles and not working correctly. 
Profile Color
Sometimes users may encounter the incorrect Profile color when powering on the console.
Users are unable to open Settings – Video fidelity & Overscan in display settings

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