There’s a bunch of unused Captain Toad levels hidden in the game’s files •

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Captain Toad is one of my favourite Nintendo characters, and the meteoric rise of this mycelial mascot – from a side-character in Super Mario Galaxy to the star of his own game, Treasure Tracker – has been a joy to see.I’m yet to play through Treasure Tracker’s latest set of DLC levels, which launched recently on Nintendo Switch. But I found this interesting – a bunch of levels few have seen before, dug up by YouTuber Skelux.Hidden away in the Switch game’s files are a set of unfinished maps held back from the game’s final release, plus special puzzles built for an E3 demo, and a few levels simply made for beta testing.On top of that, surprisingly, the Wii U version’s Super Mario 3D World levels are also hidden away in there, despite not being playable. Here’s Skelux to show them off:

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