May 9th : New Preview Delta Ring 1905 Update (1905.190507-1930)

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Starting at 6:00 p.m. PST today, members of the Xbox One Preview Delta Ring will begin receiving the latest 1905 Xbox One system update (19H1_RELEASE_XBOX_DEV_190518362.3052.190507-1930) Read on for more about the new features, fixes and known issues in the latest 1905 system update.
OS version released: 19H1_RELEASE_XBOX_DEV_190518362.3052.190507-1930
Available: 6:00PM PDT 5/9/19
Mandatory Date/Time: 3:00 AM PDT 5/10/19
New Features:
The 1905 features are highlighted here in a new blog post
We have fixed the issue that some users are encountering no audio on their Xbox console after boot (no shell audio, no game audio, no app audio).
Resolved an issue in which Windows Sonic (spatial audio for headphones) spatial and non-spatial audio played out of sync. This affected games that create sophisticated compound sound effects that combine spatial and non-spatial audio.
My Games and Apps
Additional fixes for an issue in which switching from media apps such as Youtube/Hulu to a game or from a game to a media app would crash the console.
Known Issues:
Headsets are not being assigned to the users profiles and not working correctly.
My Games and Apps
We are tracking the video corruption issue with Youtube and Netflix 4k playback.
Profile Color
Sometimes users may encounter the incorrect Profile color when powering on the console.

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