Black Ops 4 Operation Spectre Rising kicks off this week

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By Shabana Arif,
Monday, 29 April 2019 20:40 GMT

Treyarch has announced the next operation for Black Ops 4, rolling out tomorrow on PS4, with new modes, weapons, maps, and Spectre Specialist.

Operation Spectre Rising is the newest Black Ops 4 operation coming to PS4 tomorrow, April 30. Treyarch revealed the new operation on its Twitter account along with the official Call of Duty Twitter account.
It follows in the footsteps of February’s Operation Grand Heist, and will see the return of the Spectre Specialist, first introduced in Black Ops 3.
The Wetworks map update will see Blackout’s map get flooded, and the trailer shows players zipping across the terrain in rafts.
New multplayer maps include Artifact in the southern region of Iceland, Masquerade in Rajshahi, Bangladesh, and the return of Black Ops 1’s WMD map set on Mount Yamantau, Russia.

Upcoming content for the operation has been detailed in a roadmap on Treyarch’s blog, and players can look forward to “new game modes for Multiplayer and Blackout, new Gauntlets for Zombies, new weapons, Equipment, map updates, and more.”

You can check out a breakdown of some of the updates expected throughout the operation below. The Xbox One and PC release is usually one week after the PS4 launch, so expect it to drop on these platforms on May 7.
New Specialist: Spectre
New Game Modes:
Prop Hunt
Capture the Flag
Additional Barebones modes

New Maps (Black Ops Pass):

New Alt Map: Hacienda Twilight
+ More
New Map Updates:
Wetworks: Hydro Dam has been sabotaged and the map has flooded
Alcatraz: Improvements to gameplay flow and layout

New Game Modes:
Bounty Hunter: Find the blade, become Spectre, and assassinate your way to the top
Ground War: Massive-scale, team vs. team combat, pure chaos

New Playable Characters:
Uncle Frank (Black Ops Pass)
Sarah Hall
David Mason

New Weapons & Equipment
+ More
New Gauntlets:
Super Blood Wolf Moon (Dead of the Night)
Labours of Hercules (Ancient Evil)

New Mystery Box Weapon
New Feature: Classic Elixir Restock
+ More
Multiple Modes
New Customization Items:
Death Effects
Weapon Charms

New Weapons:
Tigershark LMG
Nifo’Oti Melee Weapon

New Mastercrafts, MKII’s & Camos
New Specialist Outfits, War Paints, Gestures & Jump Packs
+ More

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