The Best Of Overwatch’s Workshop

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Overwatch players can now dream up new hero powers and make changes to the base game using the Workshop, an in-game scripting system that opens up customization of the game’s rules, conditions, and actions. The best part of the Workshop: All of the players’ creations end up in the Game Browser. 

We’ve rounded up some of the coolest and most creative Workshop creations that we’ve seen, and will continue updating this article with new ones when we run across them. If you know of some that you think belong on this list, mention them in the comments and we’ll check them out.

Group up!Code: 61Y6P

Switcheroo: you become the hero you kill while the dead one gets a random new heroCode: 6PC67

Bastion turret free for allCode: 8E1CK

Magnetic payloadCode: XS7AX

Everyone gets a grappling hookCode: 7YXJ6

Silver Surfer MeiCode: PT13F

Top down modeCode: TJFS5

3rd-person modeCode: NVFTS

Widowmaker teleports to the hero she killsCode: HPSHR

Baptiste charge-up ground poundCode: B7ECF

Hamster Ball Racing/SpeedrunCode: D9RND

PortalCode: G9H9S

Lucio Movement TrialCode: PRGR

SuperhotCode: EJ0XD

Torbs wall climbingCode: 5NRPR

Wrecking Ball bumper ballsCode: VDEGF

Bounty tag -hunt down a specific target and become the hero of your next targetCode: 2NV42

Zenyatta has unlocked a new ability: kick stunCode: J25WE


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