Ritual Of The Moon diary: day disaster

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Ritual Of The Moon takes around five minutes a day to play, for 28 days. This is day six of my diary, and it has been struck by calamityYou may recall that yesterday I pointed out that I had started the diary just before I went on holiday for a week. I thought I would be very clever and play it while I was at home and keep turning copy in, and Graham would be like “Wow, thank you for putting extra effort in, have a raise and a bonus of a billion million quid.”
The thorn in this particular ointment is that I forgot to put the save files on a USB, and as it turns out Ritual Of The Moon doesn’t automatically sync save files to different computers via your Steam account because obviously it doesn’t Alice, you buffoon, you imbecile of the highest order.
This is peculiarly uncomfortable. I sort of feel like I have condemned two witches to separate exiles now. Sort of like Sam Rockwell on the moon, in the film Moon. And the witch on the computer at work is going to potentially let 10 meteors hit the earth. And be all alone.
I am running a bit of a temperature and have a snotty nose, so this is all a Bit Much if I’m honest. I think, really, I have two options. Either I play this new game from the start, keep writing it up, and then take this new save file and overwrite Original Witch when I get back to work next Monday, or I leave Original Witch and the planet to their hellish fate and see what awaits me when I get back. What do you think?
Which witch deserves to live?
Ritual Of The Moon is out via Steam TODAY!!

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