Overwatch’s New Escort Map Takes Players To Cuba

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Just a few days after launching the PvE-focused Storm Rising event, Blizzard has revealed even more content for Overwatch is arriving in the not so distant future. A new escort map taking place in Havana, Cuba will be going live on Overwatch’s PTR servers “soon.” The map will likely follow onto console versions soon after, per Overwatch’s regular method of dispensing content across platforms.

You can get your first look at Havana in the trailer below:

Captivating oceanfront. šŸ–ļøUnbelievable artistry. šŸŽØBeaming sunshine. ā˜€ļøAwesome music. šŸŽŗWhat are you waiting for? Chase the sun to Havana on the PTR. šŸ‡ØšŸ‡ŗ pic.twitter.com/eoqIBWfd5D
ā€” Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) April 18, 2019

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