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Will Judd

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Amazon’s Spring Sale has begun, bringing with it an incredible number of deals on electronics, TVs and peripherals – plus extra discounts on used items offered via Amazon’s Warehouse Deals. That’s right up our alley, so we’ve combed through the sales to find you the best deals on tech that’s actually worth buying. Here are the highlights thus far.

Before we get into specific products, it’s worth giving Amazon’s Warehouse Deals a mention. The firm is offering an extra 20 per cent off on select used and open box items, which translates into pretty meaty reductions on big-ticket products like monitors, TVs and gaming peripherals.

For example, we found a SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless headset for £157 (new: £248), a Logitech G703 wireless mouse for £36 (new: £54) and an Xbox One Elite controller for £70 (new £110). Remember, you’ll need to select used items and get to the checkout page before the extra 20 per cent off is shown. Expect items to come and go throughout the sale, so check regularly to see new arrivals and move quickly if what you’re after comes up.

PC components – Amazon Spring Sale Deals
Now, onto the new items. Our biggest find so far is the Samsung 860 Evo 1TB SSD at £103. That’s about £30 cheaper than usual, and £15 cheaper than the best ever deal price we’ve seen on this item. The 2TB model is also on sale for £204, £60 cheaper than it’s ever been. Samsung Evo SSDs are known for their performance, and this is one of the fastest SATA SSDs available – even though it pales in comparison to more advanced (and more expensive) NVMe drives. If you want to upgrade your gaming PC or laptop with a ton of extra storage, this is a great opportunity to do just that.

4K TVs and monitors – Amazon Spring Sale Deals
The Amazon Spring Sale also includes some 4K TVs, including one of the best budget options for 4K HDR gaming. The LG UK6200 is available at more than 40 per cent off, with the 43-inch model at £319, the 49-inch unit at £279 and the 55-inch set at £399. It doesn’t come much cheaper than this for a 2018 4K HDR TV, so move on this while you can.

If you’ve been looking to invest in a 4K gaming monitor, one of the best is on sale today. The Acer Predator XB271HK has been reduced by £200, dropping it to £550. For that, you get a gorgeous 4K IPS screen with full G-Sync support, which helps smooth out frame-rates below 60fps without tearing. We named this as one of the best PC gaming monitors, and £200 off is a heck of a deal.

PC gaming peripherals – Amazon Spring Sale Deals
What about peripherals? There are plenty of good options, so here are some quick highlights.

Best of the rest – Amazon Spring Sale Deals
There are some good deals on smaller items as well. One particularly tiny item is the SanDisk Ultra 128GB Micro SD card, which has dropped from £34 to £14; the previous best deal price we’ve seen was £17. The 64GB card has been reduced too, from £11 to £8. If you require an incredible amount of storage, the 400GB SanDisk Extreme Micro SD card is also on sale for £88, 20 per cent off its regular price.

Another good shout is Logitech’s G920 webcam, a favourite of streamers and content creators. It’s been reduced to £27 – more than 50 per cent off its usual price of £60.

These are actually to scale; it’s just a really tiny webcam.We will keep this page up to date as we discover more deals, so check back to see the latest additions. We’ll also be tweeting a few of the better deals on Twitter @digitalfoundry, so follow us there if you haven’t already.

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