Rainbow is Magic Event Brings Tactical Cuteness to Rainbow Six Siege on Xbox One

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The serious tactical firefights of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege are getting seriously cute in a special event that kicks off today on Xbox One. The Rainbow is Magic event runs from April 1 through April 8 and takes you to a drastically re-imagined Plane map, where you’ll need to rescue and extract Team Rainbow’s most valuable target yet: a teddy bear.

Fortunately, the Operators you’ll be able to select for this vital mission have all been transformed into whimsical versions of themselves. Now, I know what you’re thinking, and yes, this event is a celebration of April Fool’s Day. But fear not! It is completely real. I would not lie to you about a whimsical Tachanka.

In addition to the special map and cuddly hostage, Rainbow is Magic will also introduce the Rainbow is Magic Collection, which contains 17 new cosmetic items designed especially for this event. If you log on during the event, you’ll receive one free item from this collection; you can earn more items by completing Ubisoft Club Challenges, and you can round out your collection with Rainbow is Magic packs, available for 300 R6 credits each.

Included in the collection are four full outfits (uniform & headgear) for Montagne, Smoke, Tachanka, and Blackbeard. Those four Operators, along with Recruit, Ash, Thermite, Thatcher, Sledge, Castle, Kapkan, Bandit, and Frost, are the only ones you can select for this adorably urgent mission. The Rainbow is Magic Collection will be available until April 15, a week after the Rainbow is Magic event ends.

You can learn more about Rainbow is Magic on the official site. Be sure to log into Rainbow Six Siege on Xbox One during this magical time to score your free item — and keep an eye out for unicorns. Tactical unicorns.

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